Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Lost and Found

Beth told me today that she lost her cell phone.  Yesterday.  Apparently she went to Cousin's, and it must have fallen out of her coat pocket when she got in the car, and she didn't notice it was missing until later.  She went back to Cousin's but didn't find it.  Because someone else had already found it, and she started calling some of the recently called numbers on Beth's phone to find out who it belonged to and figure out how to get it back to her.  She ended up calling Marshall's and arranging to bring the phone in to Beth at work.  So, Beth lost the phone yesterday and got it back today - she really lucked out!  It's encouraging to know that there are still people out there who do the right thing

Then, when I was telling this story to Jeffrey he said, "I never told you what I did."  "When?"  "A couple weeks ago."

Then he proceeds to tell me that a couple weeks ago he went on a tour of the plant, where he is not allowed to wear jewelry.  So, he took his watch and wedding ring off and put them in his pocket.  Midway through the tour, he pulled his watch from his pocket to check the time, so he wouldn't be late for a conference call he had to be on.  Then, about 2 minutes before he had to leave to join his call, he pulled his watch from his pocket to put it back on and realized he had lost his wedding ring.  It had fallen out of his pocket when he checked the time.  He didn't have much time to look and he didn't find it.  But he did let people who work in the plant know that he'd lost it and asked them to keep an eye out - and they found it.  So, I guess he lucked out, too.  I wonder if he was ever going to tell me?  I told him when I lost mine at work that one time...

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