Thursday, February 04, 2010


The day after Beth got her lost cell phone back, she and Tim went to USCellular and got new phones - and signed a new 2-year contract, together.  Basically they have the same plan we do - a nationwide plan with 1000 anytime minutes, free incoming calls, free mobile to mobile, and nights and weekends that start at 7pm.  Plus they got new phones that require an internet plan, so they're paying extra for that.  The only thing they didn't get is texting, but if they really need to text, they can always do it through the internet.

It should be a good deal for Tim, since he was with Sprint before, and it sounds like they charged outrageous prices for everything.  Seriously, $5 for receiving a picture message?  Charges for incoming texts?  It just all added up, and it sounds like his cell phone bill went over $100 on a regular basis.  So he'll be cutting his bill way down.  Beth, on the other hand, was on our plan, and all she was responsible for was the $5/month she added for texting.  For her, this isn't such a great deal.  They could've gotten Tim a phone and a plan, still saving him some money, and Beth could have stayed on our plan, saving her a lot of money.

And then, today, one day after getting the new phones and signing that 2-year contract, together?  They got into a huge fight.  Again.  There was talk yelling about giving back stuff and 'get out of my house!' and 'I'm done!' and various other things.  I'm pretty sure getting a cell phone plan together was not the best idea in the world.  Of course, these two thrive on drama, so I can't start doing any funeral planning for their relationship yet. Next thing we know  they'll be saying I love you and everything will be 'just fine' again - until the next time.

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  1. Seems you have such different types of phone contract over there.

    As far as I know we don't have any that more than one person can sign up to and, thankfully, our incoming calls and texts are always free.

    Sounds ridiculous to have to pay for something you cannot control!


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