Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Do You Like Waiting?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

2 It's hard for me to believe that anyone still has dial-up internet access.  Is it because of the cost?  Or do you just like waiting?  Waiting for that page to load, waiting for all those pictures of your cousin's new baby to download, waiting for all those widgets on your favorite blog to load...  I can't speak for you, but that would absolutely drive me crazy.

Maybe we need to learn more patience, but waiting isn't something we do well in this country.  We have movies on demand.  We get our fast food even faster by going through the drive through. We buy our music via MP3 download instead of going to the store.  Oh wait, not you people with the slow internet, because you would still be waiting.  I wouldn't even want to begin adding up all the wasted time - waiting for a song to download, waiting while the progress bar inches across the screen when you try to pay a bill, just plain waiting.

If your reason for not getting high speed internet has been the cost then stop waiting and get going. Charter has high speed DSL packages starting at $19.99/month with FREE installation.  They're calling it the new dial-up because it's practically as cheap as dial-up - maybe it is as cheap?  I'm not sure how much dial-up is costing these days, but $19.99/month sounds pretty good for high-speed internet.  Think of how much time you'll save, the YouTube videos you'll be able to watch now, the blogs you'll be able to read.  You might even finally be able to see those pictures of your cousin's new baby!

The high speed will make you so happy you'll want to fan Charter’s Facebook page. And, of course, the speed means you will be able to visit that page, as well as the rest of facebook! Just don't get sucked into too many games, OK? You may be saving tons of time, but you don't want to give it all away. Trust me on this.

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