Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is Why We Have Triple A

Beth left for work yesterday morning.  Shortly after, I got a phone call - she had spun off the road and into the ditch.  She's been driving back and forth to work in bad weather for a couple winters now, and this is the first time I got that particular phone call.  I had actually stopped worrying about it so much.  I really wasn't too worried yesterday, because the snow had stopped, and the roads were relatively clear.  Yet, somehow, she managed to hit a patch of ice or something and spin into the ditch.

So she called me to see what she should do. (She really does still need her mom!)  I reminded her that we have AAA so she can call them to get a tow truck to come and pull her out of the ditch.  So she did, and they told her it could be any time in the next hour.  So she waited, and they showed up fairly quickly and got her pulled out of the ditch and on her way to work.  This is why we have AAA - not that we want to have to use it, but when something happens it's available.

Thankfully, she just went into the ditch and didn't hit any cars or trees or fence posts or...  And, even though she's a good driver, maybe this means she'll be a bit more careful.  Hopefully.  Also, should your car ever get stuck in the snow, be sure to knock all the snow off the bottom and around the wheels, because once Beth started driving again, she noticed that the car started shaking when she got up to around 50 mph or so.  Once the snow was cleaned off, it was fine.  I'm thinking she drove the rest of the way to work very carefully and slowly, because she didn't notice the problem until she was on her way home.

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  1. Oh no - I'm so glad that she's ok and that they were able to come and help her quickly. I hate driving in the snow and worry all the time with my hubby out on the roads day in and day out this time of year. :(


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