Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guy Jeans are the New Sweats

I like to wear sweats around the house.  They're comfy.  I can sit on the couch, sit on the floor, bend, move, clean, stretch, whatever I need to do.  However, I don't always feel like I look good enough to go out or for somebody to stop by.  Not that I should really worry about it - have you seen what people wear to Walmart?  And really, I don't go out much.

Recently though I've been wearing some of Cory's old jeans around the house.  They're just as comfy as sweats, but they look nicer because they're jeans.  Unlike girl jeans that look like they fit fine in the front -

But have way too much room in the back - (Seriously, are these jeans made for women with humps/lumps on their backs?  I can't figure out what would make these jeans fit properly)

The guy jeans have a waist that is loose enough to be comfortable, but it is evenly loose - meaning that it is loose all the way around and doesn't gap in the back.  And they don't feel like they're going to fall off because the waist just settles on my hips and stays there.  I guess if all those guys who can't seem to keep their pants up had some hips, we could avoid that pants on the ground thing!  I'm not quite sure why jeans that are made for guys with no curves seem to fit me better than jeans made for girls with curves, because that just seems wrong.  Doesn't it?  But that's how it is - except for Levi's which seem to fit me quite well with no weird gappage in the back.

I won't be getting any more old jeans from Cory because the ones he wears now are too big for me - even my hips couldn't hold them up - but I'm thinking I'll buy old guys jeans from Goodwill from now on, instead of getting sweats to wear around the house.

How about you?  Have you tried wearing guy jeans?  Or do jeans made for women fit you better than they seem to fit me?