Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I Like About Fall

I like all the seasons.  My favorite one is always the one we're in.  I figure I can't change it, so I might as well enjoy it!  So right now my favorite season is Fall.  I like the cooler weather after the heat of summer, even though we usually don't get super hot summers in Wisconsin.  I love the colors on the trees as the leaves change.  I love the smell in the air - except when there's too much smoke in the air from burning leaves.  I love wearing jeans and boots and hoodies.  And I love that it's finally soup weather!  You just can't enjoy a good bowl of soup in the summertime.

Once winter gets here, it will still be great weather for soup and boots, but we'll have to start wearing heavy coats and hats and gloves when we go out.  A hoodie won't be quite enough.  I'll still wear them around the house, though.  I like the zipper ones best because I can take them on and off without pulling them over my head and messing up my hair.  We keep the house fairly cool in the winter, so I definitely need to wear a sweatshirt, but when I get busy baking or doing dishes, I need to be able to take them off quickly and easily.  That's why I love the zipper hoodies better than any other sweatshirts.  They're even good in the summertime, when the guys in my house turn the air conditioning on, even though I shouldn't need them in the summer!

That's right, I enjoy the cooler weather in the Fall because it's supposed to be cooler.  I don't like artificial coolness caused by air conditioning.  I love sweaters and hoodies and all the other cooler-weather clothing; I just don't like it in the summer time when it's supposed to be warm!  To each season its own time, and I love it when it gets here - but not before.