Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Savings Tip: Juice

grocery aisleImage by The Consumerist via FlickrDo you buy juice?  Here's a really easy way to save money - buy the frozen juice concentrate instead of the bottled juice.  Sure those bottles of juice look prettier, but they can cost 3 to 4 times as much as the frozen.  Yes, there are times when you'll need that extra convenience of a bottled juice, like when you're away from home, and your kitchen doesn't have a pitcher to mix the frozen juice in.  If you're going to be drinking a lot of juice, you might still be ahead to buy a cheap pitcher so you can use the frozen juice - even if you leave the pitcher there at the end of your stay.

I personally like the Old Orchard juice blends.  They have several flavors to choose from - both apple juice blends and orange juice blends - and I can usually get them for around $1/can.  When they go on sale, I stock up, so I'll always have juice on hand when we want some.  I keep track of what I have on my Freezer List so I know when I'm getting low and need to look for a sale.

Judging by all the choices available in the grocery store juice aisle, there are plenty of people buying those bottled juices.  If you're one of them, try buying frozen juice and see how much money you can save.  Of course, your savings will be relative to the amount of juice you drink, and you probably won't save enough to buy that diamond necklace you've had your eye on, but every little bit helps.  Just be sure that what you're buying is really juice (100% juice, not 10% juice and a lot of sugar) because even if it is cheaper, you're not really saving any money - because all you're really getting is fruit-flavored sugar water.
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