Friday, November 04, 2011

He's In!

Playbill advertising American actor Edwin Boot...Image via WikipediaCory has had a very busy first semester.  He was an understudy for one play - GlenGarry Glen Ross - where he had to learn parts for 3 different characters.  Then, when he was just getting started in rehearsals for that one, he auditioned for another play and ended up as an understudy for that one, too.  For the second play - The Edwin Booth Company Presents -he had to learn the parts for 10 different characters.  10!  And, for a while there, they were having rehearsals for both plays at the same time - well, not at exactly the same time, but rehearsals for both in the same day or the same week.  So, basically he had 13 people, besides himself, all in his brain at one time.

At first it was a little disappointing that he wasn't actually cast in either of the plays - at least for his parent, if not for Cory himself.  But, he's in college to learn, and this experience is bound to teach him a lot - maybe even more than he'd learn by just being an actor in the play.  Also, I don't think anyone else in the universe could learn all those parts and learn them well.  And I'm not saying that just because I'm his mom.  Obviously, his directors think he can do it, too.  He won't be looking for Short Order Cook Jobs.  He's going to be famous!  He's that good.

Thankfully, the first play was over by the middle of October so he could forget about the first 3 characters and concentrate on the other 10.  But now, he's down to 1, because one of the actors he was understudying broke his leg and won't be able to perform. (when people tell actors to 'break a leg' I don't think they're supposed to actually do it.)  So Cory is stepping in and will actually be in the performance.  He's pretty excited about that because he does love to be on stage, but this also means that nothing else can happen and nobody can get sick - because who's left to cover those other 9 characters?

I'm sure they'll figure it out, and it will all go well.  We're going on Opening Night to see the play.  We were planning to go anyway, even thinking we wouldn't get to see Cory perform - because it's the World Premier of a brand new play, written by the director.  So that's kind of exciting.  Now it's even more exciting since we'll get to see Cory on stage.  I might even have to go back and see it another time.

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