Monday, November 28, 2011

I Hadn't Even Made the Coffee

Jeffrey left for work this morning, and I went for my walk.  (Yeah, he's still not back to walking with me in the mornings - we really must do something about that.)  I got back, stretched, and then did one of my exercise videos.  As we got to the cool-down, everything went dark.  The power went out - again.  In case you missed it, we were without power on Tuesday night for an hour and a half.  The power company called later and said it was a blown fuse.  Thankfully a power outage in the daytime isn't quite as bad as one at night.  I opened all the window curtains and let the light in so I didn't have to sit in the dark.  At night opening the curtains does absolutely no good.

Pretty much all I did all morning was read because there's really not much that can be done with no electricity.  I couldn't even make my morning coffee!  I tried making it with hot tap water in my French press, but no matter how hot the water might feel, it's not really hot enough for coffee.  I did unpack my clothes from the weekend, sort the laundry, go through all the mail, and make the bed.  Though I was sorely tempted to close those same window curtains I opened and climb right back into that bed!  But I didn't.  If I'd known how long the power was going to be out, I just might have.  We have some really nice curtains in the bedroom that block out most of the light when they're closed.  It would have been nice and dark and cozy - perfect for sleeping.  I've been thinking about moving the curtains from the living room to the bedroom, because the color is perfect with our new comforter, but I don't think they're quite as good at blocking out the light, which is important in a bedroom.  Also, I'm not sure the bedroom curtains will look good in the living room or if I'd have to find new ones for the living room.  So, I'm still thinking about it.

Anyway, because I called to report the power outage about 5 minutes after it happened, the power company had my number and kept calling to update me on their progress - which was really nice.  The  power went out shortly after 8am.  They called me at 9:40am and told me it was more serious than they originally thought and estimated the power would be back around 11am.  Then they called again around 10:40am and told me it would be noon before the power would be back.  I really would have had plenty of time for a nap!

The power finally came back about 11:30am, and I made some real coffee and got busy doing all the things I couldn't do without electricity.  Hopefully they got everything fixed right this time, and we won't have any more power outages for a long time.


  1. I love it when the power goes off at work - we can't do anything at all but sit and wait. I pretend to be upset and worried to keep the bosses happy but inside I'm laughing!

  2. Wow! what a wonderful morning! No yucky coffee smell stinking up the house!!!


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