Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Say It Out Loud

Remember last week when I admitted that I have trouble coming up with the right word - even when I was just thinking it? (Is This a Problem? - in case you missed it)  I just remembered another example.  On Tuesdays when I wash towels, I always make a point of noting which towels we are currently using before I throw them in the wash.  That way I can be sure to rotate the towels properly, so they all get used and hopefully wear equally.  At least once, I looked at the maroon towels and said 'turquoise' - which isn't at all the same thing!  I do have turquoise towels, but they're not ones we use regularly...

On the up-side, I read an article recently that gave strategies for improving your memory, and one of the strategies is to say things out loud.  That's right - talking to myself, which I also admitted, is not a bad thing.  It's supposed to help my memory, which is exactly why I note the color of the towels and say it out loud - so I will remember.   And it does usually help, even if I might say the wrong color.  Then again, sometimes it doesn't.

I am really going to have to start applying all those strategies from the article, though, or by the time I'm ready to shop for Medicare Supplemental Insurance, I won't be able to remember where to look or even why I need it!  I like to think it's fairly normal, just annoying, like my friend Lady Banana commented on my post last week.  Still, it doesn't hurt to be more intentional about improving my memory, right?

Now if I can just remember where I put that article...

Note to Self (should I forget): a Medigap policy is an insurance policy that fills gaps in coverage that basic Medicare does not cover.  It can cover things like deductibles, co-pays, and various other expenses that can really add up.  You'll want to check into this.