Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

It's Tuesday, the first of November.  November!  And I spent time outside today without socks or a sweatshirt.  It was so warm.  I was thinking about getting some ironing done, but since that's a job I always do in the basement, I decided to put it off and do something outside.  I did a bit of clean-up in the garden, taking down tomato cages and pulling some of the dead plants.  Then I attacked some of the plants out front.  I planted some perennials years ago and then basically ignored them, and they've pretty much taken over.  So I hacked at them, and I'm thinking it's time to dig the whole bed up and start over - or see what we get when we dig it all up.  Anyway, I cut everything back quite a bit.  Then I cut some mint and brought it inside to dry.  I'm thinking I can have my own mint tea this winter.

I changed the sheets yesterday.  I wondered if it might be time for flannel sheets, but we decided not yet.  I did, however, put the electric blanket back on the bed.  I hope we don't have to actually turn it on anytime soon, but for now it's an extra layer.  Like every year, I had to go looking for my old post so I could put the electric blanket on the bed properly.  So, when we do have to turn it on, I'll be in control of my side and Jeffrey will be in control of his.

I'm trying to figure out how the ShopAtHome toolbar got installed on my browser.  I never downloaded anything from their site or installed the toolbar.  I haven't even been there for ages - because I haven't done any online shopping.  And then today I notice this new toolbar.  Not that it's probably a bad thing for me to have it, because I've gotten plenty of cash back credited to my account since I signed up, but there have been other times I bought stuff only to remember later that I should have checked first - and been extremely frustrated when I realized I could have gotten quite a bit of cash back.  Maybe the toolbar will remind me...

Still, I really really hate that it got installed without my permission.  How do they do that?

We're watching Dancing with the Stars the results show.  Derek Hough is smokin'!  We missed the show last night because we went out - to see Derek's sister Julianne in Footloose - so I'm not sure how things are going to go tonight.  I did vote a couple times for J.R. and Karina when we got home last night, just because, though I usually like to vote based on who I think deserves the votes because of their dancing.  Based on what I'm seeing, I think it's time for Nancy Grace to go home.  Now I'm going to have to go read my DWTS prediction post and see who I expected to go home this week.  Also, I wish they'd sent Justin Beiber home at the beginning of the show.  In what world does this kid have any talent whatsoever?

I think that's enough for this Tuesday.  Tune in next week...
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  1. I too, attacked the perinnials in my flower beds. They have multiplied! I dug up so many that I hope a few come back next year. It will be fun to see.


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