Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I was just sitting here and noticed my Google toolbar says my blog has a PageRank of 8. I know it's just a fluke, but I thought I'd capture it. I can at least pretend that once upon a time I had an 8.


Besides, I wanted to play with my new screen capture tool Jing. I think it will be a handy tool for sharing things or explaining what I'm doing. Sometimes. Maybe.


  1. ...and the next time I loaded the page - back to 0!

  2. Got you all excited I wonder why it does that sometimes!

    Jing looks interesting, a maybe useful tool :)

  3. Yep mine is 0 too. It makes all the effort to build up one's blog a waste of time as far as Google is concerned.

  4. Man that was cool if even for only a minute.

  5. I once had a rank of 4, that lasted for several months. Then Google totally SMASHED me and knocked it down to a 0. I don't know why, especially since my hits keep growing, not shrinking. Occaisionally my rank will go up, only to go back down to a 0 days later. I've given up trying to care what Google thinks of my blog.


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