Thursday, October 23, 2008

Too Efficient

There is such a thing as being too efficient. (not a problem I have, though)

We left Lake Geneva Tuesday evening and spent the night at home before heading to Baraboo for the last two days of the Feast. I've been reading the library copy of Brisingr, so Cory could loan his copy to his friend Jenna. Of course, being at the Feast and spending time with friends and in Bible studies and services does not leave much time for reading, so I still have quite a bit of the book left to read. And, it was due Wednesday, with holds so I couldn't renew it.

So, I decided to read as much as I could Tuesday night and then drop it off at the library on the way out of town Wednesday morning. Only, we forgot to grab the book and didn't think of it until we were almost to Baraboo. Oops! So, I emailed one of our wonderful library staff members and asked her if she could possibly extend my loan so I could return the book next Tuesday when I normally get into the library. She not only did that for me, but also renewed two other books that I had somehow overlooked and didn't realize they were due. I said she was wonderful, didn't I?

Then, tonight we got home, and the book was not on the table where we left it. See, Jeffrey had called Beth and asked her if she would take it to the library and drop it off, along with the audio copy that he had been listening to. So, she took them and returned them. I forgot about Beth being home! And she was sick, so I wouldn't have wanted to bother her anyway, but Jeffrey figured the books were due and needed to go back.

See - way too efficient. I was planning to finish that book over the weekend.

Eventually Cory will get his (our) copy back, and I can finish it then. I have other things to do - like laundry!

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