Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This

I'm deleting pictures off my computer. My hard drive is getting filled up with photos, but I have such a hard time deleting them, even though they have been backed up to DVD. Some of them are even on at least one CD, too. Deleting them is still hard. But, I'm doing it.

First I used a program I got a while back from Giveaway of the Day called SearchMyDiscs. You put a CD or DVD in, and it scans it and creates a list of everything on it. That way, even if you don't have the CD in, you can still search through and find out what disc the file or photo you want is on, so you can find it easily later. Right now I am just going through the list of all photos on the first DVD and deleting those photos from the hard drive. While I was at it, I found this picture of Cory:

Isn't he cute? I mean, he's still cute, but he used to be so little. This picture was taken about 5-1/2 years ago. And it was still on my hard drive. Actually, it was first on my old laptop, then transferred to this one, and still on my hard drive. I guess it really is time to delete it, huh?

How often do you backup your photos? Delete them from the hard drive?

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  1. Aw! It's little Cory! :D

    That's amazingly adorable.

    -Rachel (Monday)

  2. I don't back up often enough considering the amount of photos I have. Then I get confused as to what I have and haven't backed up..wahhh!!

    Cory is very cute there :)

  3. Wow... I so need to backup all my pictures. Right now they're all on my harddrive with NO backup. I'd cry if anything happened. And this is the 2nd time in two days the topic has come up. I think I better act soon. :-0

  4. I have the SAME issue... I mean problem... I.Can't.Delete! I'm too afraid - I mean what if something happens to the DVD or the back-up DVD or the back-up of the back-up. OK, yes, I have serious issues.

    I'm likin' the sounds of that program though.

    And yes, Cory was (and still is) adorable.


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