Friday, October 03, 2008

We Have Visitors

Jeffrey's mom and her husband (Mom & Fred) are here visiting. They live in Arizona, so we don't get to see them very often - so it's very good to see them! They pull their own house (travel trailer) behind them, with their own bed, bathroom, and kitchen, so they're pretty easy guests to get along with. We'd be happy to have them in here, too, but it is convenient for them not to have to carry clothes and toiletries and everything in and out when they get here and again when they leave. And we would have had to kick one of the kids out of their rooms, probably Cory, but I don't think he'd complain too much since it means his grandparents are visiting.

I was going to make some crockpot oatmeal yesterday for breakfast, because I thought Fred would enjoy it, but they have breakfast in the trailer. So, I didn't make the oatmeal - but I did make some extra coffee, which Fred appreciated.

We do get to have dinner together - tonight Jeffrey brought home some rotisserie chicken from Sam's. We're cooking some rice, baking some butternut squash and apples, and sauteing some zucchini to go with it. Jeffrey brought home a bottle of wine, and I'm even thinking about lighting some candles.

I'm also trying to talk Mom & Fred into coming in for breakfast tomorrow. We're having pancakes.


  1. We were visiting friends this evening that visit here in one of those mobile homes. It is really very comfortable I think I would enjoy touring around in one of those.

  2. We're ahving pancakes this morning, too. I hope you enjoy your visiting family.

  3. Sounds good having visitors that don't have to be under your feet..LOL


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