Friday, October 10, 2008

Planning a Band Trip

We've got a new band director at school this year. He's learning a lot, really quickly. He's done student teaching before, but this is his first job as the actual band director. So far, he's doing a great job!

And he's not afraid to take on the big things, like a band trip. He's actually planning to take the band on a trip. Our last band director planned every detail of the trips herself, but our new director is looking into some agencies that specialize in student group travel. One that I was going to recommend to him is Hemisphere Educational Travel, but he beat me to it and mentioned that he is already looking at what they can offer.

Hemisphere has been planning and coordinating student travel for 37 years. They customize every tour to meet the needs of the individual group, and guarantee to meet or beat any tour price containing the same tour components and quality. The part I'm really interested in is that teachers and chaperones travel for free. Sign me up!

I still think Mr. B. is a brave man for even thinking about a band trip his first year here. But I'm reading through everything that is included in a tour, like transportation, accommodations, meals, security, insurance, and everything that Hemisphere Educational Travel does, like sending out parent letters, putting together exciting tour flyers, and setting up a payment plan and collecting the money, and it doesn't sound quite so scary.