Friday, October 03, 2008

Lucky Day

At the Harvest Fest last weekend, we found a guy selling jerky - beef and bison - and giving out free samples. So of course we had to try it. He had several different flavors, but the one that caught my attention was HOT. I tried it, and it really was hot - even for me - not so hot that I didn't like it, just hot enough that I agreed it was hot. So I grabbed a sample for Cory and took it down to him where he was working. He took one bite and decided we should buy him some.

We headed back down there before too long to get him some, and decided to get him a $5 bag. We told the guy who was selling the jerky that we were buying it for our son, and he asked if he liked hot stuff. We thought he was just double checking to make sure we knew the stuff was HOT. We said, yes he loves hot stuff, told him we took the sample down to him earlier and he just had to have some more. That's when he put the $5 worth of jerky into the bag, sealed it up, and then said, "Pretend it's his lucky day." Then he proceeded to package up all the little pieces and spices from the bottom of the bag/box and give that to us, too.

He said it was the end of the day, and he was just getting ready to close up - and timing is everything, I guess. So Cory has quite a bit of jerky seasoning with little pieces of jerky in it that he can eat or sprinkle on other things. They way Cory likes to spice things up, it's the perfect thing for him. Pretend it's his lucky day? It was definitely his lucky day! - this is the web address on the business card. It's not working right now, but I'm hoping it will soon. We just might need some more jerky - soon.
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