Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Always Eating

It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a sho...Image via WikipediaThe thing with being away from home is that we don't eat like normal. We end up going out to restaurants and eating with friends. We buy ice cream and desserts that we wouldn't normally have. There is definitely no shortage of good food! It's hard to say no. The other night we went to dinner with some friends, and then right after that there was a party in the hallway. Everyone opened their doors and put out food to share. It made me think we should have skipped dinner, because there were plenty of snacks just begging to be eaten. Of course, we couldn't have skipped dinner because we would have missed spending that time with our dinner companions. And we couldn't have skipped the snacks either, because we would have missed some good conversation. All this on the same day that Jeffrey and I went out to check out the downtown area and he made me get ice cream! (he had to twist my arm really hard)

Jeffrey and I have gotten up and walked several days, so that helps, but I'm still beginning to wonder which are the best diet pills! Oh well, in a couple days we'll be back home - back to a normal life, hopefully getting more sleep, eating normally, and walking every day.
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  1. That's one of the best things about a vacation and visiting a different place - expieriences the food! :-0...

  2. I so identify with your post today! Finally, the two weeks long holiday of Yom Kippur + Sukkot. To keep the kids entertained, we did quite a bit of traveling (I blogged on some, but still need to cover more). Anyways, we were eating way too much and even finished off the holidays with gourmet ice cream in a local specialty ice cream parlor yesterday... Who can say no to chocolate and cheesecake ice cream?


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