Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Part of turn light on if you want to participate Do You Not Understand?

Photo of a Halloween trick-or-treater, Redford...Image via WikipediaFor reasons I do not understand, there are two separate times for kids in our village to go Trick or Treating - once on Sunday from 4-6 for the whole village, and again tonight from 6-8 for our subdivision. Why one is not enough is beyond me, and why don't they actually do it on Halloween?

As always, the announcements say to turn your outside light on if you want to participate. We don't do Halloween. We don't participate. We don't turn the outside light on. That doesn't stop the little trick or treaters from ringing our doorbell, repeatedly. I'm pretty sure the parents of most of these kids are right there with them. They should be able to tell the difference between a light that is on and a light that isn't, even if the kids can't.

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  1. Thank You!!! I get tired of trying to figure out if it is the garage light or the porch light that we acknowledge. If you have any light on at all, the bell will ring! If not, we will not bother you. Oh, and when I get home and trick or treat is over - don't ring MY bell. There is NO light on!

  2. We don't have any outdoor lights but luckily only got one knock at the door..

    There didn't seem to much trick or treating last night in my area..


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