Thursday, October 30, 2008

Web Hosting Reviews

I just renewed the first domain I ever bought. Of course I renewed it, and then the very next week, I got an email telling me it was on sale for $1 cheaper than what I paid. Oh well, it's still not all that expensive to own my own domain, and I wouldn't want to lose it.

Looking through this list of Web Hosting Reviews at, I see that a domain doesn't have to cost anything - when you choose a web host and a hosting plan. It looks like all the hosts named in their Top 10 Web Hosting Companies & Web Hosting Reviews offer a Free Domain Name with their hosting plans. The key to choosing the right one would therefore be to compare the other things offered by each host, compare prices, and especially read the user reviews. At users can review and rate their hosting providers. There is a page for each of the web hosts with information such as pricing, an overview that includes ratings, pros and cons, a list of what's included in their hosting packages, and those all-important user reviews. It looks like a good resource for choosing the right web host.

Also, because so much of what's included in a hosting package is 'Greek' to me, the article on Web Hosting Lingo is sure to be a big help.