Monday, January 19, 2009

Exam Schedule

The kids went back to school today. Even though they missed two days of school last week, exams are still scheduled as originally planned. I'm not sure what Beth's schedule is, but Cory has two exams tomorrow - well, one is just a 'culminating activity' in Phy. Ed. Then he has two on Wednesday, and he's out of school for the rest of the week. Another four day weekend!

Whatever Beth's exam schedule is, she's finished with high school when she finishes her exams. Can you believe that? She's working all the rest of the week 2-10pm, and then next week she can work even more. She says she's scheduled 35 hours next week.

I just realized this short week means I need to send the next payment for the New York trip with Cory either tomorrow or Wednesday. The good news is, Cory's portion is covered with trip points this time, and I now have some nice luggage to use for the trip. It was on sale at Kohl's, and Jeffrey had a 20% coupon on top of that - so he got a nice set of luggage for under $60 today, 3 rolling suitcases, a tote, and a toiletrie bag. It may not be the best quality, but for the amount of travel we do, it will be fine. And it's certainly better than the old suitcases we've had for years. At least these won't fall over when we roll them! Suitcases are designed so much better nowadays.