Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Dad Had to Look

Beth printed her taxes out so her dad could look them over. Remember the whole dependent thing? We discussed it. I told her she had to check the box that said someone else could claim her as a dependent. She checked the box, and it came out the same.

Well, the reason it came out the same was that it didn't register that she had checked that box. Jeffrey looked the taxes over and noticed that it wasn't checked. So, she went on and changed it, and now she's not very happy. I'm not sure what the bottom line is, but she's getting quite a bit less back now.

Now she wants to know how much we're going to get for claiming her. No, young lady, that money does not belong to you!

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  1. Because of your earlier post about Beth's taxes, I actually used TurboTax to file my 2008 form (filed this last weekend). Just wanted to let you know.


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