Thursday, January 29, 2009

Show Your Student ID

Is saving money as simple as showing your student ID? With ISIC (the International Student Identity Card) it looks like it is. With this card, students can get discounts at more than 33,000 locations in 103 countries. There are discounts on travel and hotels, food, entertainment, and online shopping.

I searched through the discounts to get an idea of the savings. Here are a few that stood out:
  • Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for 91% off
  • 5% off everything at
  • 10% off at
  • $15 of flowers and gifts at
  • 15% off plus free shipping at
  • Free and legal music at
  • 15% off the lowest available fare on AMTRAK
  • A special $13 menu at Hard Rock Cafe
  • The card also comes with travel insurance
There are many, many more. For $22, students can carry this card and have access to all these savings for an entire year. The way I usually figure it on these kinds of things is that you take the cost, then each time you use a discount, you subtract that amount from your cost. When you get to $0, your card will have paid for itself and all additional savings are a bonus. Since many of these discounts are on things students will be spending money on anyway, like textbooks, travel home, and stuff for the dorm, the savings will probably add up pretty quickly.

There are also cards available for youths under 26 who are not students, and for teachers and faculty.