Friday, January 09, 2009

Was It Really Worth It?

Cory came home Wednesday and said one of the girls who was supposed to be working concessions on Thursday couldn't do it, so he said he would. The band students get 10 points/hour when they work concessions, and for a basketball game it's 4 hours and 40 points. That will help pay for that trip to New York.

Then we found out it was a wrestling meet and only 2 hours. 20 points is better than nothing, right? Except that Cory thought I should take him to Subway for dinner first so he could try that new $5 footlong, the Buffalo Chicken. So, 2 subs at Subway, 1 for me and 1 for Cory - $10 plus tax. Then, while working concessions, Cory wanted a Gatorade and some candy - another $2. So, for 20 points (which translates to $20 when cashed in for the trip) I spent $12.

On the other hand, wrestling isn't a really big draw so there weren't many people there and not much to do. They really didn't need me there, but for only 2 hours I didn't see any point in taking Cory over there and then having to go back to pick him up later. We watched some of the wrestling, which was really disturbing. Seriously, what is up with that sport? I read my book and just hung out with Cory and Jestine. And we were done a little after 8pm.

Worth it or not, it was kinda fun - and Cory has another 20 points to apply to the trip. Me, I got no points, so if you care to donate to my cause....


  1. Mothers get the points that count the most. Love.

    Gotta love that Subway, though.

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if we earned points for everything we do that we could turn in for cash?!? lol

    Mmmm, Subway.


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