Thursday, January 15, 2009

No School Again Tomorrow

It's supposed to be even colder tonight than it was last night. They're talking air temperature down to -20° - even colder with the windchill. I guess that means the kids get to sleep in again tomorrow. I even stayed in bed this morning, until about 8am. I didn't see any vertical teenagers until noon or so...

It will be interesting to see how or if they change things next week. They've got finals scheduled for the end of the week, but missing a couple days of school has interfered with reviews and such. Cory has some of his review assignments at home so he can work on them, and he's got his art project here to finish, but some other things are still at school. So, I wonder if they'll adjust things a little?

Beth is home. She had to go to work this afternoon and work 'till close.


  1. It was -4 degrees when I came into work at midnight and they still haven't called school. They will wait til it's gonna get any better.. maybe a whopping 0..

  2. Auroras exams started yesterday and she has a four more next week.

  3. Ooochhhh, that's way to cold for m

  4. "vertical teenagers" hehehehe that made me laugh.


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