Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What Does This Say About Me?

Cory didn't even ask me today and I still went in his room several times and sounded his hunter's horn on MouseHunt. Sorry I didn't get back to you, Tammy - yes, it's an application on Facebook. There isn't a real horn in his room. I guess every 15 minutes or so you get to click this horn, or whenever it shows up on the page. It shoots out little music notes, you get some points, and then the page refreshes. Sometimes it says you caught a mouse, which gives you points and gold, and sometimes it says you didn't. Like I said, really random. I can't actually see any rhyme or reason to it.

So why did I bother? It's that darn cat, lying in there on his bed being all soft and stuff. If I hadn't walked in there to pet her and happened to glance at the computer screen, I wouldn't have thought about hunting mice. Notice that Cory still hasn't gotten the cat to hunt the mice. What good is that cat, anyway?


  1. Sure, blame the cat. Did you notice MouseHunt is one of the top 5 apps on facebook?

  2. Don has a whole list of things you can do with the cat. Actually, when i was at MATC for Horticulture, we were writing a book called "500 Things to do with a Dead Cat"


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