Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Read Faster

While posting my book list and looking up reading statistics, I came across an interesting blog about speed reading - The whole blog looks interesting, but what particularly caught my eye was a post about how to read faster on the computer screen. There's a Firefox plug-in you can download and use to read faster. Maybe it will help me keep up with all the blogs I want to read. And then I'll have more time to read more books?

I was getting ready to download it, when I realized I'm on the basement computer, and I really want it on my laptop because that's the computer I use 90% of the time. So, I'm mentioning it here - in case it's something you'd like to check out, and so I won't forget to get it when I get back upstairs.

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  1. Hmmmm...I'm gonna hafta check this one out! :)

    Thanks for the link and thanks for the EC ad as well.


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