Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Deck Progress

I uploaded all the pictures I've taken of the deck building project Jeffrey and Cory are working on this summer - the project I mentioned in last week's Heads or Tails post. I thought some of you would enjoy seeing how things are going.

It's really coming along nicely! We enjoyed our coffee and read the paper out there over the weekend, and have eaten dinner out there several times.

It's not quite finished - they still have some railings and steps to put in and then the pergola to build - that's what those tall posts are for. The boards between them are just temporary to hold them in place. Finished or not, we have already started to enjoy it!

You can also view the pics on Jeffrey's Flickr stream if that works better for you. I took all the pics - I just uploaded them for him.


  1. Wow! That deck looks nice. My compliments to your guys. Nice deck furniture, too.

  2. You will enjoy that. We use ours all the time but we built a solarium on it as well so we can use it when the bugs are bad or the wind cold as well.


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