Thursday, July 09, 2009

We Need Ink Again

A while back I ordered ink for 2 printers and paid, well too much. Why does printer ink have to cost so much? Anyway, the old cartridges finally died completely - and I'm really going to need to print my Harry Potter movie passes - so I had Cory change them all today.

Then I decided to try printing my electric bill to our old printer. This is my printer of choice because it only prints in black ink, and we got several $5 ink cartridges for it a while back. It doesn't cost so much to print to that printer. (If you're counting, we have 3 printers hooked up in our house)

However, my computer will only print to this printer once in a while. It's really fickle, and I don't know why. So I was pleasantly surprised when it printed without complaint today - until I pulled the printed sheet off the printer and saw that it wasn't at all readable. Yep, another dead ink cartridge. And I think we're finally out of the $5 cartridges - I found one, but it's empty, too.

InkSo, it looks like I will be looking for printer ink again. I'm going to check out because I can get free shipping by entering the code FREEBIE <-- you can too. Click the INKGRABBER button, search for your printer ink, and then don't forget to enter the code to get free shipping. Just so you know - I get paid when you click, not when you buy. So if your printers go through ink like ours do, go ahead and click to see if can save you money. They say you can save up to 92% off retail prices. Combine that with the free shipping and you've got a deal.

Now I'm off to see if they've got ink for my 20-year-old printer. (maybe it's only 17 years old? - ancient in printer years either way)

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  1. Good price!! i just bought ink for my Photosmart HP Printer, Inkgrabber has it about 1/2 the price I got it at Best Buy or Especially if its free shipping, I will be ordering ink from this place!!!


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