Monday, July 20, 2009

Heads or Tails - Wear

The theme/prompt for this week is:
HEADS - "Wear"
TAILS - "Where"

I'm beginning to think that if I want to go to any fairs, festivals, or concerts in the future, I'm going to have to get me one of these gas masks to wear. That ought to protect me and filter out all that nasty secondhand smoke, right?

gas mask
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Looks real comfy, huh? But seriously, it's either that or stay home because it doesn't seem like most smokers have a clue how their smoke affects other people. If you're a smoker, and you're considerate of those around you, I'm sure they appreciate it! If you're a smoker who has never given it a second thought - please do. Forcing the people around you to smoke because you do is just plain mean. We shouldn't have to resort to wearing gas masks in order to go out in public.

Heads or Tails is a fun weekly meme created and hosted by Barb (aka Skittles) – feel free to join in!


  1. I certainly agree. I cannot be around smoke as it makes my eyes tear up and I start to cough. Apart from that I don't want their second hand smoke. Fortunately in Canada it is getting so that people are not allowed to smoke in most public places. I don't know if that would include fairs and parks though.

  2. Are they allowed to smoke in public places where you live?

  3. I agree, I think the laws are getting tougher in many states.


  4. I also agreed. Watches this picture, for human one kind of very intense shocking. Let people even more understanding, smokes harm.

  5. I'm a smoker...yet....I must agree with you.

    My "where" is posted also. Come on over if you can find time. Happy Tuesday.

  6. something to think about for sure sandy

  7. I agree. I start coughing when around smoke. It stinks.

  8. Tammy - as of next July we will have a statewide smoking ban in place, meaning that smoking will not be allowed indoors. However, I doubt it will ever extend to outdoor events. I guess those are reserved for the smokers - and it makes me crazy because it's just not fair!

  9. Don''t think that just passing a ban will get rid of those lobbyists. Once they find gullible lawmakers and get a foot in the door, they'll be back for the patios later, AFTER business owners spend thousands of dollars to build them for their smoking patrons.. This is a quote from page seven of the ban lobbyists instruction book.

    "Tobacco control advocates should work 'from the inside out.'
    Prior to addressing
    outdoor restrictions, communities should first have effective smokefree laws for indoor
    environments. Because people are exposed to higher levels of secondhand smoke in
    indoor settings than in outdoor ones, it makes sense from a public health perspective to
    protect nonsmokers indoors before seeking outdoor air laws.
    There is emerging science on the health hazards of outdoor exposure to secondhand smoke"

    If they had ANY consideration for local businesses, they would do the patio ban upfront, or at least let people know that that patio bans are coming up BEFORE they spend thousands of dollars to accommodate their smoking customers.These traveling lobbyists have ABSOLUTLY NO concern about local business owners. Here's their instruction book. See page seven.

  10. Smoking is outlawed around here - but I can occasionally be forced back indoors by a neighbor's smoke.


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