Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who Pays for Double Coupons?

I got all my coupons cut out and organized today because I really have to go grocery shopping this week. I think I've put it off as long as I possibly can. I've sent Jeffrey to pick up the sales, and he usually brings milk home when we need it, but I haven't actually made a list and picked up all the regular stuff we need. I do pretty well when it comes to stocking up and having stuff ahead, but I'm running low on important things like flour. And we're low on cotton balls and q-tips, and a whole bunch of other things. Not actually out, but it's getting way too close. So, shopping this week it is!

I'm going Wednesday because that's the day Pick 'n Save doubles coupons - with a $25 purchase, up to $1 face value, and only 5 coupons can be doubled, but better than no doubles at all. While I was cutting out my coupons, I noticed one that said, "Do not double or triple." First of all, I would love to find a store that would triple my coupons. Second, it got me wondering, who actually pays for the doubling of the coupons? For instance, if I redeem one of my coupons for the best wrinkle creams or my favorite laundry detergent, does the manufacturer of that cream or that detergent have to pay twice as much as the face value of the coupon, plus the 8¢ they always pay? Or does the store pay the difference? And, if the store does pay it, what difference does it make to the manufacturer whether or not that coupon gets doubled or tripled?