Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Premium Denim from A|X

Beth was looking through a catalog we got in the mail today and found some really neat stuff for closet organization. She pointed out a really nice shoe organizer and said that I needed that for my shoes, and then she said, "You probably have too many shoes." I said you can't use 'too many' and 'shoes' in the same sentence. There's no such thing as too many shoes. And she said, "Oh, you're one of those girls. I'm like that with jeans. You can never have too many pairs of jeans."

She does love her jeans and could probably have fun looking at the denim at Armani Exchange. I like a good pair of jeans, too - though I usually buy my jeans on clearance or at Goodwill. Beth likes her jeans to be a little better. Not that I don't find good jeans, it's just that labels are more important to her than they are to me.

A|X is the youthful label created by Italian designer and entrepreneur Giorgio Armani. New Premium Denim starts at $98, which sounds a little rich for my blood, but I'm sure it's a good deal for designer jeans. So, just for fun, pretending money really isn't an issue, and refusing to let go of my youth, I picked out a few pairs I'd like. I particularly like the Indigo Destruction Skinny Leg jean (pictured here), also the Rhinestone Skinny Flare Fit, and the A|X Pocket Boot Cut. I'm liking those shoes with the jeans, too. What did I say - I'm a shoe girl. I should probably wear heels with my jeans once in a while. I know my husband would appreciate it. And I can believe I would look just like the picture in those jeans.

There's promotion going on at Armani Exchange right now. Customers who purchase a full price pair of denim from Armani Exchange, either in store or online, from now until 7/19/09 will receive a gift card of $20 off their next purchase of $100 or more. The gift card will be valid from 7/30/09 through 8/15/09. There's also a text A|X Contest going on where someone will win a pair of denim every day for the month of July by texting the keyword "DENIM2" to ARMANI (276264). Free designer jeans - it would be hard to beat that! I promise to wear heels with the jeans and even take some pictures if I win.