Friday, July 31, 2009

I Can't See for Piles and Piles

How do things pile up so much? I try to deal with the mail as it comes in - recycling the junk, organizing the bills so I know when to pay them, and setting aside things I want to deal with or look at later. And that's the problem, the setting things aside - because if I don't deal with it right then and right there, I never get back to it.

I was dusting yesterday and found a whole bunch of stuff I was supposed to deal with - web pages I was supposed to visit, frequent flyer programs I need to consolidate, a recipe I need to post before I lose it, a half-completed to do list, and I don't know what all. There might even have been something about a cruise to Alaska in there that I was always going to look at. I ended up killing a mosquito with the envelope from the National Wildlife Federation - and then I tossed that in the recycling. So many requests for donations! Sometimes I do think about it, but usually I set them aside and never get back to them. I don't even think about them again until I get the next request. I do believe all these funds, charities, and foundations would need less money if they didn't spend so much sending out mailings begging for it. Or calling me, but that's a different thing because at least phone calls don't pile up.

I keep saying that one of these days I'm going to get caught up, but I'm beginning to doubt it. Is it even possible?