Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceImage by drewesque via Flickr

Cory and I got to see an advance screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night, and it was awesome!

We got to the theater a little before 4:30 and got in line. Our timing was pretty good because there was just one family and then another guy in front of us, and it wasn't long before the line started growing - out the door and along the building. Cory finished reading the book while we were waiting in line. He's been re-reading the whole series and watching the movies in preparation for this. I took a book, but never got around to reading it. Instead we just ended up talking to the guy ahead of us in line.

About 6:40 they began the process of handing out tickets, checking for recording devices, scanning passes, and giving out wristbands as we filed into the theater, and then we got to pick our seats. We got some of the best seats in the house - VIP seats we usually pay extra for.

Anyway, the movie. Awesome! It was really well done - funny, great action scenes, romance at Hogwarts, great story. I was watching it thinking this is the best one yet. Then, as soon as the movie was over, Cory turned to me and said exactly the same thing. Best Harry Potter movie out of all of them! (though, we've liked them all) Maybe it was the excitement, the newness, and the UltraScreen, but I think it was because they did a really great job on this one. Since Cory had just finished the book, he couldn't help but compare the book and the movie - and overall he was pleased with the way they did it. He's seeing the movie again tonight, at midnight, with his friends, and he can hardly wait. He started counting down as soon as the movie was over last night.