Monday, July 06, 2009

Soft Organic Flokati Rugs

We've currently got wall-to-wall carpeting in our house. Jeffrey would have liked hardwood floors, but we really couldn't afford that when we were building the house, and I thought they would be cold. If I had it to do all over again, I would have voted for the hardwood floors. Maybe we could have given up something else?

For now we'll just have to wait until we can afford to redo all our floors. We'll be starting with the kitchen and dining area and putting in ceramic or porcelain tile. Yes, I know we were going to do that a year ago or so, but we didn't. Now that the guys are building the deck, though, it would be really nice to have a hard surface to walk in on, instead of the carpet. I might even be able to relax the 'no shoes in the house' rule - on the hard surfaces, anyway. Maybe.

After the tile in the kitchen and dining area, we want hardwood in the living room. And if we want a little something soft, we could get a couple of these Flokati shag rugs made by nuloom. Seriously, look at the picture - don't those look soft? I'd never heard of these before, but I'm really liking what I've learned about them so far. They're made of 100% pure organic wool, handwoven in the same way they've been made for centuries in Greece. Each rug is washed in a soap-and–chemical-additive-free bath for approximately forty hours, which makes the pile swell and makes the rug thick and plush. The rugs are then hung up to dry naturally.

They come in a nice Silver Grey color that would look really nice in my living room, as well as other colors like Natural, Dusty Rose, and Duck Egg Blue, and in several sizes. The site says that they're ideal for children's and teen's rooms, but I think they'd be great anywhere you want a little softness.

Maybe in front of the fireplace? The one we eventually want to put in. And definitely no shoes on this!

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  1. The tile will be a lot colder than hardwood floors. Our laminate floors are sure cold compared to the hardwood floors.


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