Monday, August 24, 2009

Back on Schedule

School starts next week, so we're attempting to get back on schedule - in preparation. We've been kind of lazy all summer, not getting up at regular time and snoozing for a while instead. It is kind of nice to snuggle up instead of jumping out of bed. What that means, though is we've been getting up about the time we should be coming back from our walk. Jeffrey gets straight into the shower, and I get dressed and go fix his lunch. Then I've been walking after he leaves for work. I've been getting my walking in, but he hasn't. Last summer we did a good job of getting up at normal time and walking, but somehow got off to a bad start this summer. It had something to do with work and with building the deck. Jeffrey may not have been walking, but he was getting some exercise building that deck.

But summer is about over, so today we got up at 'normal' time - when the alarm went off - and went for our walk. I didn't actually get Cory up before we left like I do during school, but I did get him up when we got back. He needs to get adjusted to getting up early again, instead of sleeping in until all hours of the morning or afternoon. That means he also has to adjust his schedule and stop staying up until all hours of the morning talking to his friends online. Of course, a lot of them are going back to school, too, so they're gonna need to get their sleep, too. Going back to school is a big adjustment for teenagers.

Going back to getting up at 5:45 is a bit of an adjustment for me...