Thursday, August 27, 2009

That Didn't Last Long

That get back into a regular schedule in preparation for back to school thing didn't last very long. Jeffrey and I got up on time and walked Monday and Tuesday. I got Cory up when we got back on Monday, but then Tuesday I let him sleep a little later - because he went out with girls to Culver's the night before and didn't get home until late. Then Wednesday, Jeffrey and I didn't get up, and it's all his shoes' fault - they gave him a blister. And also he wasn't coming home that night so some extra snuggle time was definitely called for. Then, since he didn't come home last night (he was in Chicago for work) I didn't go to bed until way past my bed time. This morning I didn't get up until after 6:30 - only to discover that it was raining so I couldn't go walking, so I made coffee. And didn't get Cory up until 8:00.

One more day this week. I wonder how that will go?

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  1. I know the feeling, the kids go back to school here on Thursday and I dread getting back into routine again.


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