Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flats in Manchester

I'm from the US, so when I read about flats in Manchester, I think about shoes. I'm thinking probably there's a lot of walking in Manchester, and it's best to wear flats instead of heels. Of course, that's not what they mean at all. In Manchester, a flat is a place to live, what we would call an apartment here. Sometimes I wonder why we even claim to speak English when we have such different words for the same things. Sure, we can understand one another, mostly, butsometimes it's like we're speaking a completely different language.

Of course, now that I bring it up, I can't actually think of any. So I'll leave that up to you - how many things can you think of that we use different words for here in the US than they use in the UK?

Oh, and if you want to see a really cool website (or you're looking to rent a flat in Leeds), click the link. I had a lot of fun playing with the spinning cube. Some of those flats look really nice, too - and this time I'm not talking about shoes.


  1. Diapers = Nappies

    Elevator = Lift

    Bonnet = Hood

    Purse = Handbag

    Trunk = Boot

    Pants = Trousers

    Sneakers =Trainers

    Suspenders = Braces

    Sidewalk = Pavement

    Fanny = Bottom

    Just a few I can think of at the moment! lol

  2. drinking fountain = bubbler

    solicitors/baristers = lawyers

    biscuit = cookie

    bum = fanny

    lu = bathroom


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