Monday, August 03, 2009

Band Camp and Cookout

Cory had band camp this morning. It's a really abbreviated version of band camp - when he first started marching band in 8th grade they had a week of all day band, 10am-5pm, and then a second week from 10am-2pm. They took a day off and went to Noah's Ark at the end of the first week and had a pizza party or something fun the 2nd week, but there was also a lot of playing and marching practice. This year it's more of a get to know the new band teacher, see what the coming year is going to look like kind of band camp, and it only lasts 2 days, 9am-noon.

This is the 2nd year in a row they are starting out with a new band teacher. Hopefully this one can stick around for a while, though since Cory is going to graduate, it won't really affect him. It would be nice to get a little continuity and support in the band program, though. We had a get together cook-out this evening for all the band students and their parents, both middle school and high school, so everyone could meet the new teacher and to let the parents know how important their involvement is. It sounds like we will get at least a few more involved with the Band Boosters and helping out, so that's great. The new teacher seems really nice. It's her first full-time teaching job, and she's full of enthusiasm and ideas and hopefully will be really good for our band.


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