Friday, August 21, 2009

Birth Announcements Made Easy

When our kids were born, we didn't send out birth announcements. We called people, we made an announcement at church, and we went on with our lives, adjusting to having a new baby in the house. Looking back, I'm not even sure how we would have gone about putting birth announcements together if we had wanted to. Nowadays it's so easy, and kind of fun, too.

Photo Affections has a new online preview tool that makes it really easy. There are over 140 designs you can choose from, and then you can upload photos, edit text, and see how your announcements will look right away. I started creating one for Beth - yes, I know it's about 19 years too late, but just for fun, to see what a birth announcement would have looked like. The design I liked says it's for a baby boy, but that's just too bad. It was really easy to put the text in - her name, birth date, weight, length, parents' names, but then I needed to upload some photos. The only problem is that I don't have any digital photos of Beth as a baby. So I uploaded some random pictures from my computer (of Tillie!) to see how easy it was, and it was very easy. Just upload, drag the photo to the announcement where you want it, and you can even do some minor edits.

Once you have everything the way you want it, you see a preview of the way your announcement will look. It is just a preview, and a designer will review it, tweak it, and get an official proof back to you in a couple days, but it's really nice to see it right away. It makes me wonder if maybe we should have created birth announcements when the kids were born. It wouldn't have been nearly as easy, though.

Oh, I couldn't help myself. I wrote the first part of the post last night, but then I just had to play with this some more today. I've borrowed this nifty little device from my friend Peggy that is going to allow me to scan all of my negatives into my computer. That means digital images of my babies!! I have just started on this. In fact, I've only scanned one set of negatives - the one from the time Beth was born. So, given more time, I could probably find some better baby pictures to put on a birth announcement, but here's the preview of the one I just did: (I picked a girl design this time)

Wasn't she just adorable? Like I said, about 19 years late for a birth announcement, but it was fun to put together anyway.