Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do You Have Home Contents Insurance?

We just got our home owners insurance renewal, and it lists everything that's covered. There's a certain amount of coverage for the actual house, and then there's another amount for the contents of the home. I'm not sure how that's figured. I mean, how do you figure out how much everything in your house is worth? For that matter, if something happens to your house, how do you even remember everything that you have?

I've been thinking that I need to go through every room in our house and take pictures of everything we have - televisions, DVD players, computers, furniture, etc. Then if I upload all those pictures somewhere, we'll always have a record of the stuff we have. That would come in really handy if we ever have to make a claim on our home contents insurance. Another option could be to take a video, with narration, to document everything.

What about you? Do you have home contents insurance? What have you done to record everything you have? Or, if something happens to your home, will you be sitting down and trying to make a list from memory?

I really should get busy with those pictures, huh?