Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where'd They Get That Bling?

Have you ever looked at Rap and Hip Hop stars and wondered where they get all that bling? Seriously, it's not like you can find it at the jewelry counter of your neighborhood Kmart. Well, I just found out. Part of the reason I love paid posts is that I find out all kinds of interesting things!

There's a website called where you can get all kinds of Hip Hop Jewelry. They've got jewelry from $10 all the way up to the really expensive stuff - diamonds. Belt buckles, bracelets, chains, over 150 styles of Grillz - if you've got a little hip hop wannabe in your house, this is the site for bling. Many of the popular bling trends have even started here.

I'm a little curious about some of this stuff, so I think I'm going to browse around for a while.