Friday, August 28, 2009

Do You Know a Fantasy Football Fanatic?

I'm starting to see some discussion about Fantasy Football on my facebook feeds, mostly from my guy friends. Still, it does seem a little stereotypical to think that Fantasy Football is something that only guys would be interested in. For instance, I was talking to a friend yesterday whose sister is into all kinds of sports, whereas he isn't a huge sports fan - but she wants him to help her pick her Fantasy Football team this weekend. From what I know about Fantasy Football, it seems like you need to know all about the players and the teams and stats and probably a bunch of other stuff I don't even know about. It can get pretty complicated, even for huge football fans. At least that's the impression I get. You'd think she'd ask someone who closely follows football to help her. Still, it's good brother/sister time, right?

I'm thinking that I'll send my friend a link to WaiverWire so he can use the tools and resources there and come out looking like a really smart big brother. It's worth a try anyway. The basic package on WaiverWire is FREE and includes all kinds of information - player rankings, cheat sheets, NFL headlines, picks of the week, and more. WaiverWire is a brand new site created by a group of fromer Wall Street guys who love football. They applied all the tools they used to use to analyze stocks and built this site using those same tools and techniques to analyze football players and Fantasy Football teams.

They say that has everything you need to win your fantasy league in one place. Of course, if everyone is using it, I'm not sure how that works. Everyone can't win, but I guess it just makes things more interesting. So if you know a Fantasy Football Fanatic, have him or her check out WaiverWire. If the basic package doesn't give her enough information, there are also some upgraded packages with even more tools, both at drastically reduced prices for the 2009 season.