Thursday, August 13, 2009

Win a Laptop

I just entered the laptop giveaway at Mocha Momma.

She asked about back to school rituals, and I realized that my memory is rather hazy. I remember liking school, being glad to go back to school, and liking the smell of new notebooks. That's about it. I'm also pretty sure I learned to be so cheap from somewhere...

Back to school rituals? Hmmm… I don’t have any clear memories. I’m sure we bought some clothes and whatever school supplies we needed, and I’m sure my mom looked for the best deals possible. That’s pretty much the same as our back to school rituals now – buy everything on sale, whether we need it or not. Last week I bought two packages of pencils, only to come home from the store and find out we already had about 20 million pencils. Still, they were really cheap. Yesterday I bought free pens.

I have a whole stash of school supplies, because when the folder are on sale for 10 cents, I buy lots! The same goes for notebooks – and now my kids want the expensive 5 subject notebooks instead of wanting to use those cheap 1 subject ones. Oh, and this is my sons last year of high school, and next year, for college – this laptop is what he’s going to need!

Thought I'd share my comment for the fun of it. Run on over and leave your own if you want to win a brand new shiny Acer Aspire laptop.