Friday, May 06, 2011

An Actor by any Other Name

We did get to go see Cory in his acting scene Wednesday night.  He was Screwtape in a scene from The Screwtape Letters - so essentially the devil.  He did a rather good job, and looked pretty good doing it, too.  He was pretty happy to have it over with, though.  Apparently, the Directing student who was directing this scene isn't a particularly good student - at least not in directing.  So it wasn't a real positive experience.

There were several things the director should have done that he didn't - from giving cues to the lighting people to spelling the names of his actors correctly in the program.  He spelled Cory's name wrong!  And the name of one of the girls in the scene.  I don't know if someone looked over the programs before they were printed or if they just printed whatever the directors gave them, but there was definitely a need for an editor.  Whether something is being printed simply at school or with professional printing services, editing is so important.  There's nothing more frustrating than finding those mistakes after you hold the finished product in your hands- at least in my opinion.

Oh well, I bet when Cory's famous, they'll be sure to spell his name right!  That's what was fun about going to see the Directing Scenes.  Well, seeing Cory act was the most fun, but it was really fun to kind of compare his acting to the acting of all these other students - if that makes sense.  When he was in high school, there weren't really any other guys to compare him with.  We thought he was good, but it's nice to see him with other guys who are interested in acting and be able to say we still think he's good.  He's a very talented young man!
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