Friday, May 13, 2011

Home for the Summer

Cory’s first year of college is over.  It seems like just the other day we were moving him into the dorm, and this week he moved back out.  It’s hard to believe how much stuff he had in that little room – in his half of that little room, that is.  On Wednesday Cory and I made several trips up and down those 4 flights of stairs carrying stuff.  Thankfully he got one of his friends to help carry the refrigerator.  We got everything packed into the back of the van, brought it home, and unloaded everything.

I was thinking we’d be able to head to the hospital so Cory could meet his new nephew, but he’s helping one of his high school teachers out with a production she’s doing this weekend, so he had to head to school for a rehearsal.  He really didn’t have much time.  Then he headed back to campus to spend one more night on campus and take his last final, and load up the few things we hadn’t managed to fit into the van.  He also had to turn in his textbooks, which apparently took a lot of time because everyone else was turning in textbooks too, and the line snaked on forever.  It would have been nice if they’d had some kind of self-service scanners and receipt printers or something that might have moved things along a little faster.  But, he didn’t have to buy the textbooks in the first place, so maybe a little waiting is worth it.

He cleaned and vacuumed the dorm room, too, and had time to come home for a little while before heading back to another rehearsal – and didn’t get back from that until around 8pm.  And now he’s home for the summer, which I’m sure will be over before I know it, and we get to start all over again…