Thursday, May 05, 2011

Who is This Cat?

Tillie is a real sweetheart, but she's not much of a lap kitty.  She loves attention.  If she's lying on the floor or 'her' chair and we walk by, she almost always rolls over onto her back and expects us to stop and pet her.  If we don't, she looks at us like she's trying to figure out what's wrong with us.  She's so soft and fluffy and sweet that it really is hard to walk by her without touching her, so she must be right in thinking something's wrong with us.  It doesn't happen often.

Spoiled CatHowever, it's very rare that Tillie comes to us wanting attention and even more rare that she hops up and curls up on a lap.  But recently she's been doing it more often.  I'll sit down, and she'll come trotting over, hop up in my lap, and snuggle up.  If I've got my computer on my lap, she does her best to get in between me and the computer, and if I try to type, she puts her paw on my wrist like she's trying to stop me.

I'm not ready to research bipolar rehab treatment centers, but it does have me wondering who this cat is.  I guess I'll just enjoy it when she feels snuggly - who wants to get anything done anyway?  Soon enough the boy will be home, and since he's her favorite person in the whole world, I probably won't get any more Tillie snuggles. 

I also won't get white cat hairs all over my computer...

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