Wednesday, May 04, 2011

School is Almost Over

It seems like just the other day we were moving Cory into his dorm for his freshman year of college, and now it's almost time to move him back home again - for the summer, anyway.  Wow, time flies!  And I'm not just talking about his first year of college.  It seems just yesterday I had a precious baby boy.  I must have blinked because we went from using baby powder to buying deodorant and looking for acne treatments that work practically overnight.  His feet got big.  He got taller.  And I find myself wondering what happened to my little boy.

My little boy is almost finished with his first year of college!

We went to see him perform Monday night.  The students in the Directing class all had to direct a short scene, and Cory auditioned and was cast in two of them.  One of his scenes was Monday night, and the other is tonight.  I'm not sure if we can make it tonight, but I'd love to watch him if we can.  He's really good!  He's been working really hard this year, and I think (and he thinks) that he's improved.  And we thought he was good before!

He had us bring some of his stuff home with us Monday, and I'm sure he'll have more if we go tonight.  It did take several trips to get all his stuff into the dorm room, so it will take several to get it out - and it all has to be out in a couple weeks.  How is it that school can be almost over for the year?  It will be nice to have him home, though.