Thursday, May 12, 2011

When’s the Next Holiday?

Time seems to be measured from one holiday to the next.  There’s a huge build-up to one holiday, and as soon as that one’s over, the build-up for the next one starts.  We don’t really celebrate most of the holidays everyone else seems to get so worked up over.  We do look forward to the day after the holidays – when all the candy goes on clearance.

What I don’t understand is what really makes the difference.  It’s the same candy the day before the holiday as it is the day after.  But the day after, it costs half as much!  Not that we really need any candy, but it’s so much more fun to buy it when it’s cheap.  Except after this past holiday, there wasn’t much Happy Easter Store candy marked down on clearance, so we'll have to wait until after the next candy-coated holiday.

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  1. I noticed that too. I wanted some stuff, but all they seemed to have were those stupid giant hollow chocolate rabbits.


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