Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Home Improvement Priorities

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One of these days I'd like to have a fireplace.  When we built our house, we chose to put 9-foot ceilings in - because they couldn't be added later - and wait on the fireplace, which could be added later.  13 years later, we're still waiting.  I wonder if I could put a fireplace insert into a box or something and fix it up to look like we have a fireplace?

Really, I'm not impatient about getting a fireplace, though it would be nice to have one.  And eventually we will - though instead of in the living room like we originally planned, maybe it would be nice to have it in the basement where we could actually use the heat?  We've had some other priorities when it comes to home improvement - getting the driveway poured, building a shed, finishing the basement, building a deck, etc.  While a fireplace will be nice, those things just seemed more important.  Someday, when everything else is done, we can get the fireplace.

Maybe we could get one of those outdoor fireplaces for the deck...
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